Monday, November 23, 2009

Kolaribetta-Avalada Trek - Sep 13, 2009


How is it possible for you Shara, to leave like this. A polite person always, you shouldn’t have left like this, leaving us in shock and despair. Do you remember all the talks we used to have, the books we debated, the movies we enjoyed, the beer we had, the cigarettes we shared. My dear Shara, you shouldn’t have done this to me. And only between us, when we used to go for fishing, with a smiling face when you used to call “Vaanga Vijay, meen pudika polam.” Shara, is it possible for a person to be smiling always, to be happy always, to be helping always, to never get angry, to never speak bad of others, to never have any enemies – Yes Shara, it is possible, and you are a shining example for it.

- What a cruel thing fate is.
- What a coincidence you should be with us in your last trek.
- What a coincidence that the last book you read was "Into Thin Air."
- What an irony that you have always debated the existence of God with me, and now you know the answer before me.

You have left us only physically. And till we meet next, my dear Shara, good bye.

Kolaribetta-Avalada Trek - Sep 13, 2009