Monday, June 14, 2010

Thirunedungulam-Thiruverumbur - May 16, 2010

Thirunedungulam and Thiruverumbur - These are the lesser known 2 temples in Trichy. Srirangam, Thiruvaanaika, and Malaikotai are the most famous ones in Trichy. Both Thirunedungulam and Thiruverumbur are dedicated to Shiva and are excellent examples of Chola architecture.

Thirunedungulam is around 4 km from BHEL township and Thiruverumbur is on the Tanjore Road. The lingam at Thiruverumbur is tilted towards the right side. Legend says that the lingam tilted so as to enable ants to worship the Lord.

Kottai Kaadu - May 9, 2010

Out of the blue Prabhu called and told me about this place - Kottai Kaadu.

Legend says that this place was once known as Muttam, a trading post during Pandiya period. The temple here was built more than 1000 years ago, and in fact, money from this temple was used to build the famous Pateeswarar Temple at Perur. Kaanjimanadi, a small stream flows nearby.

For further news on this temple we have to wait for Prabhu to upload his blog at

Route = Coimbatore, Thondamuthur, Narasipuram, Kottai Kaadu.

Kodai Family Trip - May 3, 2010

Carrington-Varagapallam - Nov 7, 2009

Carrington Prison - I never knew there was a prison here until Thenmurugakani told me. The history goes like this: Long before when the British brought tea to the Nilgiris they had used Chinese as slaves (or plantation workers, to use a more polished term) to work here. The British sensing the fourth basic necessity of humans - Prison, after Food, Clothing, and Shelter built a prison at Carrington around 150 years back to house the criminals (or rebels, again to use a more polished term). Now, only the foundation remains.

Varagapallam is the starting point of a 11-km tunnel to east Avalanchi.

Both these places can be done on a single day. In fact, we started around 6 a.m., had a dip at the stream in Sirukinaru and then proceeded. Lunch to be packed in Manjur as there are hardly any hotels at Kinakorai, the small town near Carrington.

Route: Coimbatore=Karamadai=Mulli=Manjur=Carrington=Kinnakorai

Bridge at Mulli

A cool dip at the stream at Sirukinaru

Anbe Sivam

At Sirukinaru

My own Apple phone

Remnants of Carrington Prison

Antony and me at Varagapallam

At Varagapallam

Over the checkdam at Varagapallam

Checkdam at Varagapallam

Darasuram - Oct 18, 2009

Darasuram - Where art meets stone. This was my second time to this temple and still it holds me interested as the first time. Dedicated to Lord Iravatheeswarar, this is an outstanding piece of art.

Darasuram - Oct 18, 2009