Sunday, March 25, 2012

MY TEAM - Mar 14, 2012

After nearly a decade, I resigned from Spheris (or HealthScribe or CBay Systems). And my team arranged a surprise treat and gift for me.

To the great friends and all the amazing people out there, I love you all.

To all the 3 great teams I have worked with, THANK YOU !!!

Gangaikondacholapuram Trip - Mar 5, 2012

I never get tired of visiting the great temples of the Cholas. Built by Rajendra Chola to commemorate his victory over the Palas, this amazing temple is around 1000 years old. Driving to this temple reminds me of the pages of the great novel Ponniyin Selvan. The whole route is flanked by small lakes with lotuses, small temples, cattle and villages.

What a great culture we are, how lucky that we should be born in this nation.

Mukurthi Fishing Hut Trip - Feb 19-20, 2012

After a long time, a real trip into the forests. Mukurthi Fishing Hut is famous in that you can't do any fishing around there :-) Well, it was built by a Britsher named Richard Radcliffe. When you go there, make sure that you take enough candles or electric lanterns and buy groceries from the market at Ooty as there is no electricity, and if you are working tell your supervisor that he/she can't reach you for 2 days because there is no cellphone reception there - what a nice way to live, really!!!

It is maintained by the Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association, which incidentally is the first wildlife conservation organisation in India. You either have to take a SUV or rent a jeep from Ooty to reach there as the access road to the hut is not paved. I don't want to describe much about it as you really have to be there to enjoy the place.