Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kinnakorai & Weir Dam Trek - August 10-11, 2013


Anonymous said...

Hi Vijay,

Ur photos are nice but add some statements like,how u reached there?where u stayed there?

It will be useful for others to travel like this.

Only pics wont speak..ur words only touch boss.....

Selva said...

Hi Vijay,

Its one the best blogs amd i am impressed. Your photos speak and anything viewed through your camera is so beutiful. Gangai konda chola puram lakes and temples are great. Well i too see people asking for spoon-feed information. But the way you make subtle comments and leaving it to readers imagination and research is even more wonderful.. All appreciations. By the way how do you get so much time ?? Wanted to keep in touch.

Kavin Nagasubramanian said...

hi vijay, we 5 would like to trek in mukurthi peak this month. can u tell me where to get the permission in ooty? my email id is mail me the details.could u help us in getting the permission?

Srinivasan J V said...

Hi Vijay,

Beautiful pictures!. I have some questions for you. How did you reach Kinnakorai view point? Bikes allowed there? Or, we need to hire a jeep to go to that place?. Do locals know the route to this viewpoint? Please share your answers here: Thanks in advance!

dorai sundaram said...

I saw your trek to Kurudimalai, Coimbatore.
I am doing Archaeology. I would like to contact you.
Please reply to
Thank you.