Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nelliampathy-Athirapally Trip, Feb 16-17, 2008

We were planning to go on a car trip for a long time after I brought Mahalakshmi (my car), and finally we got the chance on Feb 16 and 17. We planned to go to Nelliampathy and Athirapally. The night we stayed on one of our friend’s house.

Two interesting things happened. One: My friend was fined because he was driving his new car without his seat belt, and I was left off because I was driving my old car without my seat belt; some of the few benefits of owning an old car – it is not mandatory to drive with seat belts for cars manufactured before 2000. Secondly, the trip went well till day 2 when returning Mahalakshmi showed her true colour; she stopped and wouldn’t start. After pushing her for nearly 1 km and the third time, she finally stopped. And voila, right in front of us was a Maruti service station. After parting with Rs.1500/= we arrived home 2 hours late.

Route: Coimbatore = KK Savady = Kozhinchamparai = Nemara = Nelliampathy = Trichur = Chalakudy = Athirapally.


Munnar Team Trip - Jan 27-28, 2008

Munnar Team Trip - Jan 27-28, 2008